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Orders with the Secretary of State for determination

Orders with the Secretary of State for determination

Orders which have received objections and have subsequently been sent to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for determination.

Any queries relating to orders currently with the Secretary of State should be directed to The Planning Inspectorate.

Dorset Council (Parts of Footpaths 8 and 9, Wimborne Minster) Public Path Diversion and Stopping-Up Order 2 2019

The Order was made by Dorset Council on 4 November 2019 and advertised by Dorset Council on 12 November 2019. Sixty-six objections are outstanding. The council is supporting confirmation of the Order. 

Copies of the documents relating to this order, as submitted to the Planning Inspectorate are available below:

Document Index
Document Reference DescriptionDocuments 
1 Submission letter & document index

PINS Submission Letter

Document Reference 1



Statement of grounds of Dorset Council on which the order should be confirmed

Document Reference 2

List of those who have made representations

Document Reference 3

Document Reference 3 - Responses 1-20

Document Reference 3 - Responses 21-40

Document Reference 3 - Responses 41-50

Document Reference 3 - Responses 51-71

4 Statement of Dorset Council's comments on objections

Document Reference 4

Document 4 Appendix A

Document 4 Appendix B

Document 4 Appendix C

Document 4 Appendix D

Document 4 Appendix E

Document 4 Appendix F

Document 4 Appendix G

5 Notice of Dorset Echo - 12 November 2019 Document Reference 5
6 Certificate of notice  Document Reference 6
7 Certificate of consultations Document Reference 7
8 Summary of responses received from consultees Document Reference 8
9 List of persons and organisations to whom order and notice were sent Document Reference 9
10 Location plan Document Reference 10
11 Consent of landowners Wyatt Document Reference 11
12 Health and safety questionnaire Document Reference 12
13 Definitive statement Document Reference 13
13A Sealed definitive map Document Reference 13A
14 Planning application decision notice 3160002FUL(1) Document Reference 14
15 Plan showing effect of development Document Reference 15
16 Consent of landowners covering note Document Reference 16
16A Aster landowner consent February 2019 Document Reference 16A
16B Consent of landowners - Dorset Council Document Reference 16B
16C Land ownership summary sheet Document Reference 16C
17 Current stage of development Document Reference 17
18 Statutory undertakers Document Reference 18


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