Protecting our natural environment, climate and ecology

There is clear scientific evidence to show that climate change is happening and is due to human activity. Whilst this is a huge global challenge, many solutions are local.

Dorset has a role to play in helping tackle this growing danger while we still have time to make a difference.

What we're doing

Read all about our plan for a greener, cleaner Dorset in our strategy & action plans.

Find out what Dorset Council has done so far to reduce emissions and improve biodiversity.

What you can do

Find out what everyday changes you could make to help tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

There are lots of things your community can do right now to help in the fight against climate change.

Access handy resources and find out what funds could be available to accelerate your business’s journey to net-zero.

What others are doing

Check out the individuals, communities and businesses that are leading the charge on climate change in Dorset.

Get inspired by these local and national climate and ecology campaigns and events.

Find more info on the grants and funding available for green initiatives.