In areas where waiting and parking restrictions are in place, the restrictions are displayed on a sign. You could be fined if you don't adhere to the restrictions.

The only exception is double yellow lines which restrict parking at any time so a sign isn't usually needed.

Blue Badge holders are exempt from certain restrictions.

If no restrictions are in place, drivers can park where they want to safely.

View the on-street parking restrictions map.

Request new parking restrictions

You can apply online for an:

You can request other new parking restrictions through your local parish or town council.

Removal and delivery vehicles

Removal or delivery companies should make sure any disruption during loading or unloading is kept to minimum.

If deliveries are likely to cause disruption, you can discuss options with the company and consider the following:

  • investigate any practical option for having the vehicle parked off the highway wherever possible
  • active loading/unloading can take place so long as there is no obstruction of the highway and there are no restrictions on loading (yellow blips on the kerb edge)
  • let the town or parish council or local neighbourhood policing team know
  • it is an offence to block the road, so vehicles on narrow roads would need to be moved to allow other vehicles past
  • you could request an official road closure if a vehicle will block the road but this is expensive and we need a lot of notice
  • you could request to hire no-parking cones but without a legal Traffic Order there would be no enforcement rights