We are looking to encourage local communities, to decide upon new traffic management measures for their areas at a local-level. These decisions can then be made efficiently and democratically, in the best interest of the local and wider community.

We will continue to prioritise and deliver these measures as requested, and where appropriate.

We understand that restrictions such as speed limits and traffic calming are often emotive subjects within communities.

All requests must be passed through local parish and town councils or the local elected Member for the respective ward. We cannot accept requests directly from individual residents.

Make a request for new traffic management measures

Requests for new traffic management measures need to be directed to town, parish council or Elected Members

Once discussed at a local level, town and parish councils or local Member, can make a request to Dorset Council to carry out initial investigations.

Things to consider

Town and parish councils, and local Member, should discuss, consider the proposal, consult with residents and carry out a local analysis which takes into account four key factors:

Things to consider when requesting new traffic management measures
Consideration Comments


  • is the introduction of a restriction suitable for the area?
  • consider the advantages and disadvantages
  • does the road already have traffic calming features; such as signs, speed bumps and on-street parking? All these can contribute to road safety in one way or another
  • if the proposal does not meet our various criteria, they are unlikely to be implemented
  • would the proposals be achievable financially? It is not a case of just of introducing a restriction, so consider the costs of advertisement, consultation and materials required, which can run into thousands of pounds
  • Dorset Council's funding for traffic management has reduced substantially in recent years
  • do other residents agree that there is an issue in the area?
  • would the proposal actually inconvenience you, your neighbours, the community and others?
  • if your concerns are related to traffic offences, have you contacted Dorset Police to see if they are able to carry out enforcement?  It may negate the need for any changes in the first place
  • if implemented, would the restriction have the desired effect or will it actually introduce more problems?
  • will the introduction of a restriction just move the problem to another area?


When we receive requests, we will consider the proposals carefully, looking practically at each request as well as against criteria, before making any final decisions.

In principal, priority is given to work at sites where there are a number of historical recorded collisions.

Please note that in the current financial climate we are only able to introduce a very small number of new measures in comparison to years past.

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