Access protection markings are single white lines painted on the tarmac in front of driveways and other accesses.

Access protection marking
A standard access protection marking covers from drop kerb to drop kerb.

Access protection markings will be approved:

  • to deter vehicles from parking across an entrance to off-street premises, or where the kerb is dropped to provide a convenient crossing place for pedestrians
  • where they are placed in front of a dropped kerb
  • where establishments such as public houses, hotels, schools, sports grounds, churches etc. generate an excessive amount of on-street parking in the immediate vicinity

The provision of access protection markings is not a compulsory service for the council to provide and they are offered at our discretion. All costs for this marking must be met by the applicant including ongoing maintenance and not at the expense of the public purse.

Access protection markings themselves are not enforceable in their own right, but obstructive parking can be dealt with in some cases. See our on-street parking advice for more information.

Fees and charges

  • new markings cost £226
  • request a quote for maintenance of existing markings.


If your request is accepted, we will contact you to request payment. You can then pay for your access protection marking online using the enquiry reference you're given.

Apply for an access protection marking

Apply for a new access protection marking at your property

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