When temporary traffic management impacts permanent signals (signalised junctions and crossings) and they need to be switched off, activity promoters need to apply to Yunex Traffic - working on behalf of Dorset Council.

This is a chargeable service (charges are specified in application form).

Approval for the actual activity requiring the bagging of signals, must first be obtained by means of a

As well as an approved temporary signal application.

Activity promoters will also need to:

  • where possible, give at least 10 working days' notice for planned activities as, if less notice is given, there is no guarantee an application will be approved
  • apply without delay following the start of immediate activities

An activity promoter must not under any circumstances deliberately cut power, switch off or bag up permanent signals themselves. In the event of a loss of power to permanent signals through an unforeseen fault or accident, report it to Dorset Highways immediately.

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