Advice for Dorset households, residents and communities on how you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Top tips for reducing your environmental footprint at home.

As individuals and householders our actions can have significant positive or negative effects on the environment. Fortunately there are many small steps we can take to make our lifestyles more sustainable and plenty of local organisations and services out there to help. The following pages offer inspiration and practical tips for greening different aspects of your lifestyle:


Energy used in the home accounts for around one-quarter of all energy used in the UK. With a few changes, 10-15% savings can be easily achieved. Get energy saving advice.

Food and waste

Food accounts for around a quarter of our carbon footprint. Choosing and using food carefully can save you money, improve your health, reduce your carbon footprint and even strengthen the local economy! 

The average household in Dorset sends around 450kg of waste per year to landfill.  Waste reduction begins with careful consumption and ends with recycling what can't be reused. See our tips for ways to reduce and reuse your waste.


The average Dorset resident uses 139 litres of water a day - slightly under the national average of 150 litres. Water efficiency and using alternatives to mains water can lessen the impact of your water use. Get water-saving tips


Around one quarter of UK greenhouse gas emissions are linked to travel. Using public transport and building some active travel into your routine can cut your carbon footprint and keep you healthy. Get greener travel tips


Clothing is essential but the environmental impact of clothing manufacture is huge. Caring for clothes so they last longer and disposing of them carefully can save you money, shopping time and cut your footprint. Get 'green your wardrobe' tips

Nature & wildlife 

Many factors including pollution, habitat loss and the effects of climate change are leading to a decline in biodiversity in the UK and around the world. Make a difference with our wildlife-friendly living tips

As a community

Dorset Agenda 21 (DA21) is an independent charity working in Dorset communities to encourage sustainable development in Dorset.

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