Find out about and download the Dorset Energy Efficiency Strategy and HECA Reports.

Energy Efficiency Strategy

The Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Energy Efficiency Strategy and Action Plan was produced in November 2009 and is being implemented by the Dorset Energy Partnership (formerly the Dorset Energy Group) and its working groups. 

Developing a coherent strategy to improve energy efficiency and curb energy demand across Dorset is a key element of realising the potential within the county to reduce carbon emissions, eliminate fuel poverty and save energy costs.

The strategy includes the domestic, business, public (local authorities only), and community and charitable sectors, and covers both energy efficiency and fuel poverty.

It has been designed to deliver a step change in performance in both energy efficiency and fuel poverty in order to enable Dorset to meet the government's challenging carbon dioxide reduction targets of a 30% reduction by 2020.

For further information concerning the strategy please contact the Low Carbon Dorset Programme Manager.

Healthy Homes

The Healthy Homes Dorset Programme aims to reduce illness and death caused and exacerbated by living in cold homes. Activities include improving the thermal insulation of 150 homes (annually) of residents vulnerable to the damaging health effects of living in a cold home. Visit the Healthy Homes Dorset website.

Dorset Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA) progress reports

Delivering the government's carbon reduction plans and addressing fuel poverty can best be achieved with the participation of local government.

Local authorities can play a significant role by setting themselves related ambitions. They are particularly well placed to champion the changes required, stimulate activity to meet specific local needs and support their wider strategic priorities. In particular local authorities:

  • have unique knowledge of their local area's needs and circumstances
  • are able to link wider strategic priorities and funding streams e.g. through health, education and regeneration agendas
  • are able to draw on established local networks, partnerships, services and delivery partners
  • can draw on existing links with business and social enterprises and provide gateways through local advice agencies and services
  • are directly accountable to their local residents

Seeking to work efficiently and effectively, the housing authorities in in Dorset work together through the Dorset Energy Partnership, and as a logical extension of this work, produced a combined HECA further report in 2013 and produces progress reports every two years, as required by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. These documents can be downloaded here:

Low Carbon Dorset Programme Manager

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