If someone needs to look after you because of a disability or ill-health, you may have the right to financial help. The person you know who cares for you could get financial help too.

Find out what benefits and discounts you might qualify for, and how to claim.

Financial help for your care

If you need help with things like washing and dressing, you might qualify for financial help.

If you have reached pension age you might qualify for the Attendance Allowance. If you are below pension age, you might qualify for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

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Financial help for your carer

If somebody cares for you without being paid for it, they could get a benefit. They can get the Carer's Allowance if:

  1. They care for you for 35 hours a week or more


  1. You get a benefit like the Attendance Allowance or Personal Independence Payment (it must be the ‘daily living' part)

Make sure it will not mean you get less in benefits as a result.

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Top up the money you have coming in

If you have reached pension age or older and do not have much money coming in, you might be able to get Pension Credit.

If you need help paying your rent, you might qualify for Housing benefit. You could get this if you are on Pension Credit. Or, if you are of working age, you might qualify for Universal Credit instead.

Pay less for your bills

If you are on a low income and rely on benefits, you could pay less for some bills and costs. Find out more and claim financial help with:

Get extra help if you do not have enough food

You can get extra help to make sure you eat enough.

Find out how to get help on our guide to getting helping if you do not have enough food.

Receive free advice on benefits

If you are unsure what benefits you can get, get free advice. You can: