Eating a varied diet will help you stay well.  If you need to, ask people you know to help you do your food shopping.

Here are some more suggestions that may help.

Transport to the shops and help in store

If you are not able to get a lift from someone you know, you have options to get to the shops, you can get a bus or a lift from volunteers or consider booking community transport from your door. When you are at the supermarket, some stores help you get your items and pack.

Get to the shops by:

Order food shopping online

You can order your food shop on the internet from supermarkets and some local shops.

Get online and order your shopping by:

Get a volunteer to shop for you if you are ill

You may be able to find a volunteer for one-off help with shopping in an emergency 

Get meals delivered to you

Ready prepared meals are a way to eat a balanced diet. Some local companies will deliver meals for you to heat up, others will deliver a meal that is warm and ready to eat.

Find where you can order:

Have a good lunch and meet people

Lunch clubs are a way for people to eat well and meet others. 

Find a lunch club near you.

If you cannot get a lift from someone you know, you can take a community transport bus from your door. Or some lunch clubs come and get you.

If you have a disability, check if you or someone who can drive you to a lunch club might qualify for a Blue Badge.

Check your bus journey to go for a meal at a lunch club. Or find a community transport scheme to take you

Equipment to help you cook easier

You could purchase simple aids and equipment to support you with food preparation and cooking. Sit while you cook or chop vegetables, easy grip knives and forks or cook and eat more easily with:

You could visit our independent living centre in Dorchester to discuss your requirements with an Occupational Therapist, view and try items that could support, to book phone 0333 003 0010 or email

Where to get help if you do not have enough food

If you do not have enough money to feed yourself or the whole family, you are not alone and support is available across Dorset. Not all food banks require a referral: