To help get you into an exercise routine we offer a series of specialised referral group exercise classes, all led by a qualified referral instructor.

Due to Government guidelines, all exercise classes will be held outdoors in the Hub garden. The timetable below will run between 12 April to 17 May and after this date, our full timetable will be back for you to enjoy.

GP referral class timetable

Class Day/Time Instructor Description
Escape Pain Class 

Mondays 10am to 10.45am 

Carly A series of knee and hip exercises to strengthen specific areas for prehab or postoperative recovery.
Health Circuits 

Wednesdays 8am to 8.45am 

9am to 9.45am

Carly & Gary A gentle exercise class, fully supervised by a qualified instructor, suitable for those new to exercise of those who have a health condition.
Aerobics Gold Fridays 9am to 9.45am Lucy Light, aerobic exercise performed to music, aiming to improve the efficiency of the heart and lungs, muscular tone and flexibility


GP referral classes cost £4.20 each per session or if booking five sessions in advance £20. 

View more information on our  fitness classes at Verwood Hub.

For more information on how to get involved with our GP Referral Scheme, please visit our GP Referral Membership page or contact us:

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