Planning law allows local plans to be modified after they have been submitted. Modifications are divided into two categories:

  1. Those that are needed to make the plan legally compliant or sound – these are referred to as proposed Main Modifications; and
  2. Those that are needed to correct minor errors or factual inaccuracies (these changes are not required in order to make the plan legally compliant or sound) – these are referred to as Additional Modifications.

Following hearing sessions in 2019, and after considering a Post Hearing Note from the Planning Inspector, the council has prepared a schedule of proposed Main Modifications [MMCD1] to the local plan which are considered necessary to ensure that the plan is legally compliant and/or sound. The consultation draft composite list of proposed Main Modifications supersedes those presented earlier in the examination process in SD14. Each proposed Main Modification has been given an updated reference for the current consultation. (The references in SD14 will not be used for the current consultation).

For each proposed Main Modification the council has presented:

  • the policy, or supporting text, as it was drafted in the submission draft version of the Purbeck Local Plan [SD01a];
  • an explanation of why the changes are needed in order to make the local plan sound or legally compliant; and
  • a modified version of the policy, or supporting text, showing the changes from the text, as it was drafted in the submission draft version of the local plan. (Any additional text is presented in bold and underlined and any text which the council suggests should be deleted is struck through. Where appropriate, the proposed Main Modifications indicate where a new paragraph would be inserted).

These proposals were presented in a tracked version of the submission draft of Purbeck Local Plan.

The council also presented a document showing minor typographical errors along with an updated drafts of composite schedule of proposed Main Modifications (MMCD1) and published these on 3 December 2020. The tracked version of the submission draft Purbeck Local plan was also revised to reflect the corrections in MMCD1.

The council has also prepared an updated version of the Purbeck Local Plan (2018-2034) policies map(s) [MMCD2]. The Purbeck Local Plan (2018-2034) policies map only relates to those policies in the local plan. This policies map(s) [MMCD2] does not refer to policies or policies maps of the other development plan documents. For further information on the policies map please refer to a paper prepared by the council.

Updated assessments and supplementary evidence

As part of work on the proposed Main Modifications, and in response to changes in planning laws following examination hearing sessions in 2019, the council has prepared updates to previously published evidence and supplementary evidence including:

Relevant submission documents published in the course of the examination

The Council published a series of papers and supporting evidence, in response to representations, made over the course of the local plan hearing sessions and to the pre-submission draft plan. It has also re-published a selection of these papers and evidence which relate to the proposed Main Modifications including:

All of the submission documents [SD] can be viewed on the Local plan examination webpage. Whilst the council’s previous assessment of Housing Need [SD85] and its Review of Sources of Housing Supply [SD86] are no longer up-to-date these papers have informed the preparation of the 5 Year Housing Land Supply [MMCD5] presented in this consultation.

Responses to the main modifications consultation

After the consultation on the composite schedule of proposed Main Modifications closed we have been working on processing the representations that the council received and preparing a consultation response document.  The council's consultation response document includes its summaries of the matters and issues raised in the representations and its response.  

Responses 1 to 21

Responses 22 to 35

Responses 36 to 40

In the course of reviewing the responses the council identified what it considers are substantial issues relating to the delivery of a holiday park (Policy 15) and proposed release of land from Green Belt (Policy V2) at Morden.  In order to address these substantial issues the council has invited the Planning Inspector to consider further revisions, made a proposed Main Modifications, that would involve deleting the parts of those policies that support Green Belt release at Morden and delivery of a holiday park.  These changes would relate to these policies (Policy V2 and Policy 15), their supporting text and any other references to these policies in other parts of the local plan.  The Inspector will consider all of the representations (in full), the council's consultation response document and the issues raised by the council before deciding how the examination should proceed.

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