Warning From Monday 19 July, all NHS workers and care workers are required to resume paying for parking in the usual way

On-street parking restrictions in operation

View the on-street parking restrictions map.

On-street residents parking

Residents parking schemes manage fair parking for residents and non-residents. These areas are marked by signs and markings on the road.

View a list of residents parking permit zones and the streets covered.

Parking in Weymouth during the summer

We are expecting a significant increase in visitors to Weymouth this summer and understand how this will cause a strain on residents’ parking areas.

To try and help we have allowed more parking for Zone F and L permit holders:

  • Weymouth Zone F permit holders can use the Pavilion rear car park if no on-street spaces are available (excluding the Pavilion fore-court area or on event days when the Pavilion car park may be out of use)
  • Weymouth Zone L permit holders can use the North Quay car park if there are no spaces available in the residents parking areas

You will need to display your existing valid permit. These arrangements take effect immediately and will be in place until the end of September 2021.

Apply for an on-street disabled parking bay

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Pay an on-street parking fine

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Apply for an on-street parking permit

Dorset Council operates permitted parking schemes across Dorset. Sign plates show the hours of operation of each scheme/zone. The cost for a 6 month resident permit is £40 and the cost for a 12 month resident permit is £70. Visitor Permits are issued 100 per household per year, sold in blocks of 20 for £16, with a 50% discount for residents over the age of 60.

MiPermit manage resident permits on behalf of Dorset Council. MiPermit are virtual permits which can be applied via the MiPermit website which means you no longer need to display a paper permit.  Visitor permits can be used by logging into your self-serve MiPermit account or contacting MiPermit on 0345 520 7007, alternately you can text from a registered mobile, text the word VISITOR to 61600 followed by the vehicle registration number to assign a permit.  A duration is not required as a visitor permit lasts for 24hrs from the time it is created.  

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If you require a permit in the Christchurch area, apply for a permit on Christchurch.gov.uk.

Changes to Weymouth Park District A & C Permit Zones

Find out more about changes to Weymouth Park District Permit Zones.

Introducing new parking restrictions

Find out how to request new parking restrictions.

General restrictions

In areas where parking restrictions are in place, the appropriate restrictions are displayed on a sign, and these restrictions must be adhered to otherwise a driver risks receiving a penalty charge. (* The only exception is double yellow lines which restrict parking at any time, and so commonly, no sign is required.) 

Holders of a valid blue badge are exempt from certain restrictions.

Parking problems

Initially, consideration has to be taken that if the area is not restricted, then drivers are entitled to park where they wish - so long as they park appropriately.

Dealing with obstruction

  • if parked vehicles caused obstruction issues to the flow of moving traffic or pedestrians, on the road, or pavement, contact Dorset Police by dialling '101'. They will assess the severity of the obstruction and take action if it is felt to be a priority
  • if parked vehicles cause obstruction issues to your property (for example, if a vehicle is parked directly across a dropped-kerb leading to your private driveway,) contact parking@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk, we may be able to help (although this is not guaranteed in all cases). The same also applies to obstruction of dropped kerbs at crossing points in the street
  • if vehicles are parked illegally in an area of restricted parking, again, contact parking@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk

Access protection markings

Access protection markings are single white lines painted on the tarmac in front of driveways and other accesses. They are unenforceable 'courtesy' markings.

Removal and delivery vehicles

Any responsible removal or delivery company will ensure any disruption during loading or unloading is kept to minimum. Discuss options with them.

  • investigate any practical option for having the vehicle parked off the highway wherever possible
  • active loading/unloading can take place so long as there is no obstruction of the highway and there are no restrictions on loading (yellow blips on the kerb edge)
  • liaise locally with and inform the town or parish council or local neighbourhood policing team
  • it is an offence to block the road, so the subject vehicles on narrow roads would need to be moved to allow other vehicles past
  • whilst you could request an official road closure if a vehicle will block the road, this is expensive and we require a lot of notice
  • you could request to hire no-parking cones but without a legal Traffic Order there would be no enforcement rights

On-street pay and display schemes

On-street pay and display schemes manage fair parking in areas where there is a high demand for on-street parking, and contribute to reducing congestion and allowing for effective enforcement. These areas are marked by signs, payment machines and markings on the road.


Parking can be paid for with cash at the pay and display machine or, if you don't want to worry about change, pay for parking on your mobile - visit the JustPark website, or download the app for Iphone or Android.

Waiver Scheme for tradesman

In Dorset County (not including Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole,) the waiver scheme allows tradesman to park close to where they are going to carry out work, for an agreed period of time. This scheme is designed specifically to give access to tradesmen when there are no other alternatives for parking.


  • full day - £10 for the first day of work - £7.50 for each subsequent day thereafter (per waiver)
  • half day - £5 for the first day of work - £3.75 for each subsequent half day thereafter (per waiver)

To request a waiver, please contact Dorset Council parking services.

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