When to contact the police

Contact the Police by dialling '101' if a parked vehicle is:

  • causing an immediate safety issue
  • obstructing traffic flow or pedestrians on the road or pavement
  • blocking someone in their home

They will assess the severity of the obstruction and take action if it is a priority.

When to contact us

We can issue a penalty charge notice for parking on:

  • double and single yellow lines
  • "School Keep Clear" zig zag markings
  • pedestrian crossings
  • emergency service bays (such as police and ambulance)
  • bus stops
  • Blue Badge bays
  • taxi ranks
  • restricted areas if the vehicle is not loading or unloading, or where loading is not allowed

Report a parking problem to us

You'll need to know the exact location and select it on a map.

You can report an abandoned vehicle to us.

What we cannot do

We cannot remove vehicles or issue a penalty charge notice for parking on:

  • private driveways with a dropped kerb
  • access protection markings (single white lines painted on the tarmac in front of driveways and other accesses)
  • or within 10 metres of a junction, unless on double or single yellow lines
  • footpaths, unless next to double or single yellow lines