We are required to investigate complaints of nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

A statutory nuisance we could act on is:
  • persistent – happening with regularity
  • continuing – likely to continue happening, non-stop
  • objectively unreasonable
  • affecting you within your own home
Where a statutory nuisance is happening, we must take action on your behalf. We will do this by:
  • writing to you and the person or organisation causing the issue
  • asking you to keep a record of the nuisance for at least fourteen days in a row
  • gathering further evidence to determine whether a statutory nuisance is happening or not, once we receive your records
Thing to bear in mind before you make a complaint:
  • we always advise you discuss a nuisance with the person or organisation first – it may be that they don't know there’s an issue
  • we cannot investigate issues from unknown sources
  • one-off problems are very unlikely to be a statutory nuisance
  • we cannot punish a nuisance event that has happened, nor prevent a nuisance that might happen
  • we cannot consider your health conditions, personal circumstances or taste
  • we cannot accept complaints on behalf of other people, unless they can’t complain themselves