If a residential premises is causing you nuisance within your own home it may be because of:

  • the state of the premises itself
  • animals at the premises kept in such a state
  • accumulations or deposits of putrescible waste

These issues are often complex and require us to work with partner agencies. If this is regarding a family member or friend, you should contact our social care department or the occupant’s housing association if applicable.

Should you have concerns regarding rats, mice or other suchlike vermin, more advice can be found on our pest control pages.

Should you have concerns regarding animal welfare, more advice can be found on our animal welfare pages here, our dog warden service here, or from the RSPCA here.

If insects are being attracted, we may need to record an additional complaint, as this may be considered a statutory nuisance also.

We cannot investigate:

  • empty properties that do not present the above problems – these should be reported to our housing team
  • properties or gardens that are overgrown
  • issues that are causing damage to your property – this is a private matter
  • issues that are an "eyesore" - this is also a private matter

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