Light nuisance is when a powerful light shines directly into a living space of your home.

This is different to light pollution – which is indirect light increases the overall light levels in an area. We cannot investigate light pollution.

If you are bothered by a light, approach the person responsible for the lighting first and explain that you are being troubled by it. Very often they will be unaware that a problem exists and a minor adjustment to the angle of the light, or an agreement reached about when the lights should be turned on or off, may be all that is needed.

If the light is coming from a new building or development, you can contact our planning department about the issue.

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Advice for installing lighting

Light in the wrong place at the wrong time can be intrusive and annoying. If you are installing security lights:

  • use minimum power lamps - for domestic security lights 150W lamps are adequate
  • angle your lights downwards
  • correctly adjust your sensors so that they only pick up movement in the area intended
  • if using uplighting, install hoods or shields to reduce the amount of wasted upward light
  • do not install equipment which spreads light above the horizontal

For more advice, contact the Institution of Lighting Professionals.