What we bring to Dorset

Dorset Highways manages over 2,400 miles of roads, as well as being responsible for everything associated with the highways which includes things like bridges, cycleways, footpaths, street lighting, road signs, traffic lights and speed limits. Our team has many responsibilities but some of these are to improve road safety, implement highway improvements, facilitating new developments, and support all our customer needs.  
We are focused on delivering improvements schemes that make it easier for residents, visitors, and business to access and enjoy Dorset. One of those developments is the changes to Custom House Quay in Weymouth which has transformed the area and stimulated the economy. Further to this, works in south east Dorset have helped enable sustainable travel choices, with people feeling they can now walk or cycle in a safe environment.

Mike Mackrell - Construction Chargehand

In the clip he shares his story about how different each day of his role can be with the variety of locations and scenery. He talks about the sense of achievement he has when he is involved in a piece of construction that can make a difference to people’s lives and improve the county for our residents.

What we are proud of

Emergency defects made safe within 32 hours


External revenue generated

£23.2 million

Carbon saved in our surfacing schemes

4.2kg per tonne

Maintenance jobs completed


Highway Improvement schemes delivered

£7.8 million

Staff currently completing an apprenticeship


Why I work for Highways

Kevin Turner – Construction Chargehand

Kevin Turner in front of some machinery

"For me the simple answer is timing..."

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Ian Newport – Community Highways Manager

Ian Newport

"For me, the most important reason is the chance to make a positive difference to the lives of others..."

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Emma Selway -
Road Safety Officer

Emma Selway with a lollipop man

"Working in a department vital to everyone who lives in, works in, or travels through the County..." 

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Tanya Ruseva – Engineer (Bridges and Structures)

Tanya Ruseva using some equipment

"I have a background combined of academic training and work experience and I was attracted to a position at Dorset Highways because..."

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Roles available

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