For me the simple answer is timing, I was unhappy in my last employment not the work but more the management. I was advised about a position and reading the advert and doing research I had a good feeling that my experiences and values were a really good fit with the values of the council.
I really wanted to have a positive impact on my community, reduce waste recycle more to reduce the impact on the environment locally and nationally and strive  to save money on my council tax, and finally  build things that would last so my children would be proud of me and my work in the future like my father before me.

Working in the beautiful Dorset County outside is a perk of the job and pointing out projects I've been part of is so rewarding. The diversity of work and learning new skills from colleagues is one benefit to my personal development that has surpassed my expectations.
Now that I am part of Dorset Council I realise the opportunity to progress internally are so immense, with so many avenues open to me only inspires me to be more engaged and confident to push forward long-term with my career. I  seriously cannot see myself working anywhere else, which I've never felt in the past.

I must mention the support I have received mentally, physically and emotionally is second to none. It is unfortunately rare in my opinion and is not something to be overlooked or taken lightly. I attribute this to the feeling of contentment and security I have and is why I am so happy right now.

There are few parts of the job I did not fully understand and also how they would impact me. The first is summer standby, you are on call to attend and array of situations that create blockages to the network.

This will test your ability to problem solve and be super organised especially the RTA calls. The adrenaline you have on the way and the sense of achievement is very difficult to measure or even put into words.

The second is winter standby. This is something I've really had immense pride in and really enjoying providing this service for my community. The fact it is more structured and the extra pay it brings is good, also the thought you indirectly could potentially save an accident  and possibly a life is priceless.

Finally I feel like I can make a difference and help raise the standard of Dorset Highways so others may aspire to do the same.