For me, the most important reason is the chance to make a positive difference to the lives of others. This is a lofty statement but an honest one. I have worked in the local authority for 34 years now this remains my mantra - try to make things better, for our customers and my colleagues.

Throughout my career the authority has given me excellent training opportunities and continued to invest in my development. I’m currently on a Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship with the Open University.

Recently I have taken a promotion into a new role for me as Community Highways Manager. As with any new role comes challenges, but I have been supported not only by the amazing Highways Team but by others throughout Dorset Council.

Being able to now work flexibly has been a great benefit for me. It allows me to balance my studying alongside work and other commitments. This means I have a much healthier work life balance.

Of course, there are the benefits of working for Dorset Council; pension, location working hours, all the usual stuff. But for me it is purely public service. I am proud of what we do in Dorset Council and how we serve our customers.

This authority has invested in me, seen my potential when I have not, supported me when things have been hard at work and at home and rewarded me with opportunities. I couldn’t ask for more.