Adopted Local Plans in the Dorset Council area are used to guide new development and determine planning applications. Despite the council now being unitary the plans remain relevant until the new Dorset Local Plan is adopted. We expect this to be sometime during the spring of 2023. 
Following the adoption of the local plans, reviews began. This work has now stopped as the council decided to start work on a new Dorset Council Local Plan. This is with the exception of the Purbeck Local Plan which is currently at examination.

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Adopted local plan quick guide

Name of local plan Link to 5 year housing land supply report   Currently published 5 year housing land supply figure (years) 2020 Housing Delivery Test Result*** 2020 Housing Delivery Test Result - Consequence
West Dorset, Weymouth & Portland Local Plan Joint West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland 5 year housing land supply report 2020 4.93  109% None
Purbeck Local Plan Part 1* 5 year housing land supply report 2020 5.15  74% Presumption
North Dorset Local Plan Part 1 - Policy 1 to 21 / North Dorset Local Plan Part 1 - Policy 22 to 33 North Dorset annual monitoring report 2020 3.3  59% Presumption
Christchurch and East Dorset Local Plan Part 1 - Core Strategy**

Christchurch and East Dorset 5 year housing land supply report 2018

East Dorset 5 year housing land supply report 2020

4.77 (Christchurch and East Dorset)

5.36 (East Dorset only)


Action Plan

West Dorset Weymouth and Portland Five Year Housing Land Supply 2019 to 2020

** Given that the former local authority areas of East Dorset and Christchurch now fall within separate unitary authorities, separate five-year housing land supply figures have been calculated for each area. The table shows details of both the joint housing land supply report of 2018, and the separate East Dorset report of 2019.

*** Details of the 2020 Housing Delivery Test can be found on the government's Housing Delivery Test: 2020 measurement  web-page.

Planning Policy

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