It is important to know how and where to use your badge, and what to do if you have any problems.

Misuse of Blue Badge is a criminal offence, so we advise you carefully read the booklet that is provided with all badges: Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities. A summary of some of the key points are below.

How to use your badge

The badge must:

  • only be displayed in the vehicle that the badge holder is travelling in
  • be clearly displayed and visible through the windscreen, with the photo face-down
  • not be used by friends or relatives to run errands without the badge holder
  • be accompanied by a correctly set 'parking-clock' (provided with the badge) when parking on yellow lines, or where there is a time restriction. This will allow you to park for up to three hours, unless a ban on loading or unloading is in force

Where to use your badge

The badge is for on-street parking only.

Off street car parks, like supermarkets, hospitals, and privately owned roads, have separate rules and you should check the signs on display. The rules for parking in council-operated car parks can vary between districts.

Your badge is valid across the UK, but there are some restrictions in Central London, so you should always check before travelling.

You can also register for congestion charge exemption on the Transport for London website

You can use your badge when travelling in the European Union but concessions vary.

You will need to check the position with the country that you are travelling to following the UK’s exit from the EU. We will update this advice when we can.

You should always check locally before travelling somewhere new.