Uploading documents, photos or making a payment

If you've already made an application, and we've asked you to provide a photo, documents or a payment, you can do that here:

Complete an application you've started

It's important that your details are up to date, so you need to let us know if something has changed.

Change of name

You should let us know if you change your name, so that we can update our records.
Please email us explaining the reason for your name change, also attaching a copy of any evidence, for example, a copy of your marriage certificate.

You may continue to use your current badge (with your old name) until it expires.

Change of address

If you've moved house and changed your address complete our change of address form:

Tell us about a change of address

We can then update your Blue Badge records.

Moving out of the Dorset Council area

Let us know if you've moved out of the Dorset Council area, so that we can transfer your Blue Badge records to your new council who will look after your renewal when it's due.

Moving into the Dorset Council area

If you've moved into Dorset, you should let your old council's Blue Badge Team know, so that they can transfer your details to us. This means we can look after your renewal when it's due.

You no longer need a Blue Badge

You may find that a badge is no longer needed, perhaps because the badge-holder's mobility has improved, or they may have become confined to their home, or they may have died.

In any case, we ask that you email us and explain the circumstances. After this please feel free to destroy the badge yourself, or if you would prefer, you can return it to us by post.

Disabled Parking Badge Team (Blue Badges)

Email: parkingbadges@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk
Tel: 01305 224321
Full contact details