Priority areas for the youth fund grant

This fund contributes to delivering our priorities set out in our Children Young People and Families plan 2020 to 2023

Our desired outcomes for the youth fund grant

We will be asking you to deliver a youth project or activity that makes a positive impact or difference to young people aged 11 to 19, or up to the age of 25 if they have special educational needs or disability (SEND) or they are a care leaver.

We will expect your project to contribute to at least one of the following outcomes:

  • providing a wide range of positive activities for young people, including support for vulnerable young people whose needs might otherwise escalate
  • improving the wellbeing for young people in Dorset in the following areas:
    • to have healthy and active lives
    • to be safe from harm and have the help they need
    • to be prepare for adult life

Who can apply for the youth fund grant

The youth fund grant is available to youth centres and youth clubs that operate within the Dorset Council area for the benefit of young people who live there.

Organisations that can apply are:

  • constituted organisations
  • non-profit making organisations operated with no undue restriction on membership, for example charities
  • charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs)
  • community interest companies (CICs); we will only fund CICs with a minimum of 3 directors, two of whom must be unrelated. We need to see a clear 'asset lock' statement, memorandums and articles of association
  • company limited by guarantee (not for profit)
  • community organisations
  • partnership of organisations with a written partnership agreement (Town Councils can be part of a partnership project)
  • places of worship, as long as their project does not promote religious beliefs or particular faiths and can demonstrate non-religious cultural, sporting or social impact activities

Youth fund grant eligibility

You can only apply for this fund once in the current financial year 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022.

If your organisation is revenue funded by Dorset Council, you may apply for project funding as long as the project is distinctly separate and adds value or enhances your organisation's work and increases its social impact.

Organisations with an annual income of more than £500,000 are not eligible for this fund, unless their project has a grass roots and local focus, with distinct benefits for Dorset communities.

Contact one of our Dorset Council officers to discuss your project.

Organisations must be able to demonstrate a financial need for their project.

What we will fund through the youth fund grant

We will fund:

  • projects that deliver youth projects and activities within the Dorset Council area, including centres and clubs that were previously funded by the predecessor county council
  • youth projects that include equipment and staffing costs that add value or enhance the normal activities of your group or ogranisation

What we will not fund through the youth fund grant

The following are not eligible for funding: 

  • loan repayments
  • projects with a total cost of less than £500
  • projects outside the Dorset Council area, for example Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole, or other surrounding areas
  • individuals or personal equipment
  • commercial organisations
  • external bursary schemes or grants programmes administered by the applicant
  • projects for services that are already commissioned by Dorset Council which have been awarded to other organisations/agencies
  • promotion of religious or political beliefs
  • projects which in our opinion could harm the reputation of Dorset Council

What you need to demonstrate in your application for the youth fund grant

When applying for this fund, you must demonstrate:

  • the need for financial support for your project
  • the value for money aspect of your project
  • how the project meets at least one of one of our Children’s Services priorities
  • why your project is needed and what outcomes you will achieve
  • the start and end date of your project
  • that your organisation is democratically managed, has a constitution, a bank statement and one year's worth of accounts (must not be less than 12 months old)
  • that safeguarding and statements about equalities, environment and GDPR are in place and available if requested
  • that the project grant award will allow projects to be delivered within 12 months of funds being released

Youth fund grant award

This is what we will give:

  • 100% for projects up to £3,000
  • a maximum of 80% project funding with a minimum of 20% match funding from the applicant for projects between £3,001 and £5,000

Where match funding applies, applicants will have to demonstrate where the 20% cash contribution will be coming from and whether it's confirmed or pending.

Terms and conditions for the youth fund grant

These are the terms and conditions for the youth fund grant:

  • the grant can be claimed in full prior to the project start date. To claim the grant the recipient must accept all the terms and conditions of the grant offer and complete all sections of the declaration
  • if there is a significant material change made to the project you must consult with Dorset Council, failure to do so may result in part or all of the grant awarded having to be returned
  • applicants will be required to submit an end of project report, including case studies and feedback from young people
  • applicants will be asked to sign a standard grant agreement with full details of their grants award including terms and conditions
  • applications must be submitted on the council’s online form
  • applicants requesting small amounts of capital funding towards equipment costs may be requested to provide Dorset Council with a copy of the quote/invoice
  • applicants will need to demonstrate and evidence that their project is needed and that the intended beneficiaries of the project have been involved and consulted with
  • decisions made by Dorset Council’s Grants Panel are final. There is no appeals process
  • Dorset Council will not accept/consider any applications received after the closing date of midnight on 17  January 2022
  • partial grant awards may be made (if this has a detrimental impact on the delivery of the planned project, we will be open to a discussion about a change to the project)
  • we reserve the right to make changes to the guidance and/or programme after its launch. We will communicate any changes as quickly as we can

Contact us for more information on the Dorset Council youth fund

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