You must apply for the Dorset Council Youth Fund through our online application form.

Read about the Dorset Council Youth Fund on the youth fund page which includes closing dates.

Youth fund grant application process

Our online form is accessible and easy read. Read our accessibility statement for more information. 

If you cannot apply online, contact us to discuss an alternative application method.

We will not accept any applications we receive after the closing date of midnight on Monday 17 January 2022.

Ineligible applications or those not submitted using our online application form will not proceed to assessment.

We welcome discussions with you as an applicant about your project before you submit your application.

Our online application form requires you to set out the details of your project, including:

  • a breakdown of the project budget
  • how you have identified the need
  • how you will measure impact

When we receive a completed application form we will carry out a robust assessment against fund criteria including:

  • eligibility
  • compliance
  • due diligence checks

If we receive a high volume of applications we may need to provide successful applicants with a lesser grant (partial award) where we think the project will have impact and still meet our objectives.

We will only make an award if we receive supporting documentation and a signed agreement which includes details of the terms and conditions of the grant.

Before you start your application

Before you start to complete the application form applicants are strongly advised to take time to thoroughly read and understand the fund criteria, priorities and whether your group or organisation is eligible to apply.

Also make sure that you have all the supporting documents requested so that you can upload them when completing your application. If having read the guidance you are still unsure, please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss this with you further.

How to complete the online application form

Once you start our online application form, enter your name and email address. You can now save your application and return to it later.

The application form is in 6 sections. You can complete these sections in any order, save the form and return to complete it later. The 6 sections are:

  • organisation details
  • project purpose
  • finance
  • bank account
  • supporting documents
  • declaration

At the end of each section you will be prompted to ‘save’ or continue to the next section.

Select 'next' if you're ready to continue with the application.

If you need to get additional information and return to your application later select 'save'.

You will then be sent a link to your chosen email address, the one you provided at the start of your application form. The link will take you back to your application form so you can continue completing it. The email also has a PDF copy of your application form so far.

When you're ready to continue with the application form click on the link in the email. You can then complete your application form. You can complete the next sections and return to previous sections if you need to edit them.

If there are any questions you do not complete you will not be able to submit your application form. Return to any sections with incomplete information. You can find these highlighted in red.

You must use the same email address you used in the first section of the form to access and continue your application form.

Prepare to start your online application form

We strongly advise that you take time to:

  • read the criteria
  • view the questions that we'll be asking you to answer
  • look at what information we ask you to provide

The table below summarises the questions we will ask you and, any supporting documents that you need to upload in each section of the online form.

Take time to read this as it will help you prepare your application and upload the right supporting documents.

Do not upload large data files (larger than 3MB per file) when completing the form. You can use PDFs or use a zip file if needed. Only upload the documents that we ask for.

Supporting documents for the youth fund grant

As an integral part of your application we require you to upload some supporting documents that will enable us to assess your application.

Familiarise yourself with the information below that sets out which supporting documents are mandatory and which are optional. The online form will prompt you to upload documents as you work through each section of the form.

You must provide us with the documents that are mandatory. Do not attempt to upload all your documents at the end of your application or send them by email.  

Compliance documents

You must be able to demonstrate that your organisation or group has robust policies in place and can prove with evidence that you have the appropriate levels of governance when applying for a grant.

You will need to evidence in your application that you have as a minimum:

  • a management committee, Board of Trustees or Board of Directors with at least 3 unrelated people as members
  • a written constitution or governing document that sets out the purpose and management of the organisation
  • a bank account in the name of the organisation with at least 2 unrelated cheque signatories required for payments
  • an up-to-date safeguarding policy
  • appropriate and current insurance cover for your organisation’s business or activities
  • an up-to-date equality policy or statement
  • an up-to-date GDPR policy or statement

Supporting documents for the grant value

In addition to fulfilling the fund criteria you will need to demonstrate that you have the mandatory governance in place that we require.

This list summarises what documentation we require and why we need it. We may add to this list at any time so we advise you to check the fund criteria when you apply for any additional documents that may be needed.

We categorise voluntary and community sector (VCS) grants as either:

  • micro grants; up to the value of £2,000
  • grants; value above £2,000

Constitution or Memorandum of Articles and Association

We will need this for:

  • micro grants, if appropriate
  • grants

Constitution or Memorandum of Articles and Association documentation demonstrates that the organisation has guidelines to its purpose and how it is governed. 

A management committee, Board of Trustees or Board of Directors with at least 3 unrelated people as members.

Annual accounts

We will need this for:

  • grants

Annual accounts can be audited or independently examined accounts or an income/expenditure spreadsheet depending on the size of the organisation. They demonstrate the financial position of the organisation regarding income, expenditure, loans and liabilities.

New organisations without annual accounts may submit a financial forecast as an alternative.

Bank statement

We will need this for:

  • micro grants
  • grants

A bank statement demonstrates that the organisation has a bank account in their name with 2 unrelated signatories, and we can confirm bank account details. Important that it shows account name, sort code and account number clearly of applicant.

We recommend that new, emerging or micro-organisations who do not have their own bank account use their local town or parish council as the bank account holder. We cannot pay into an individual's personal bank account.

Safeguarding policies and equal opportunities

We will need this for:

  • micro grants, if appropriate
  • grants

Safeguarding policies and equal opportunities documentation demonstrates that the organisation has robust policies in place.

Environmental policy or statement

We will need this for:

  • micro grants, if appropriate
  • grants

Environmental policy or statement demonstrates the organisation considers how their work has an environment impact.

Public liability and employer's liability insurance

We will need this for:

  • micro grants, if appropriate
  • grants, public liability coverage of £5,000,000 and employer's liability coverage of £10,000,000

Public liability insurance demonstrates the organisation has appropriate safeguards in place.

Apply for the Dorset Council Youth Fund round 3

Find out more and apply for round 3 of the Dorset Council Youth Fund.

Online form, key questions, information and documents

These are questions we ask you in our online application form.

Main questions:

  • youth club name
  • when was your organisation first set up?
  • which type of organisation are you? If you're a registered charity you must provide your charity registration number
  • does your organisation have at least 3 directors/trustees who are unrelated?
  • registered organisation address
  • your name
  • your email address
  • your phone number
  • your position in the organisation
  • does your organisation currently get a Dorset Council grant?

Purpose of the application for funding:

  • what is the need for your activity or project?
  • what activities or projects will you deliver and how?
  • how have young people been involved in developing this bid and how will they be involved in decisions if you're successful?
  • what are the expected outcomes for children, young people and the community?
  • what methods will you use to evaluate how successful you've been in delivering these outcomes? Maximum of 2,800 characters
  • how does your project meet at least one of the priorities or outcomes?
  • how many children and young people are expected to benefit from this activity or project?
  • project start date
  • project end date
  • how much are you applying for?
  • if your application is for more than £3,000 you will need to provide a minimum of 20% match funding. Provide details of where the 20% cash contribution will come from
  • if your application is for more than £3,000 is the match funding confirmed or pending?

How you will spend the money.

Will the money be spent on:

  • staff costs? If so, provide details and total staff costs
  • premises costs? If so, provide details and total premises costs
  • marketing? If so, provide details and total marketing costs
  • equipment? If so, provide details and total equipment costs
  • anything else? Provide details

We'll ask for your organisation's bank details:

  • account name
  • sort code
  • account number

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