Conclusion of forward plan

The work outlined in this forward plan will advance the Historic Environment Record to a point where good progress has been made against national benchmarks, projects to enhance the HER have been initiated, and the foundations laid for varied and imaginative presentation and use of HER information in the future.

Colleagues at Dorset Council and Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council will be provided with comprehensive and up-to-date information to support the provision of advice and information by the Historic Environment Team, the performance of statutory duties, and work towards corporate priorities.

Residents and visitors will have improved and more widely available information about Dorset’s historic environment, tailored to their needs and by local people, giving a unique and personal experience. This will enrich their perception of the landscape around them, even if they choose not to become more deeply involved.

We hope that many people will become involved in the understanding and protection of the historic environment through volunteering with the HER or simply enjoy their heritage through events and creative activities based around it. Participation will contribute to community cohesion, and active enjoyment of the historic landscape will improve mental and physical well-being.

We will see better informed decision making and government, gain a sense of place, a sense of self and of others.

And we’ll have some fun along the way!


A list of tasks identified in this forward plan, with cross-references to the relevant sections of the plan and to the HER audit report produced in 2019. The tasks are prioritised according to the priority given in the audit report, though some have been changed to fit around other tasks. The tasks are numbered in an order which corresponds roughly to the order in which it is anticipated they will happen – the timetable number. 

The tasks listed reflect current HER and corporate priorities, and these may change. Many of the tasks listed depend on input from colleagues or on securing additional resources. Tasks in the early part of the timetable are numerous and more precisely defined than in the latter part; more specific tasks will be defined and added as the timetable rolls forward.

Download the draft Forward Plan timetable in PDF format

Download the draft Forward Plan timetable in CSV format

Tell us what you think

Consultation on the Forward Plan has finished. We would still like to know what you think about our plans for the Historic Environment Record, so please let us have suggestions for people and organisations to work with and your ideas and future development. 

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