Recording Dorset's past

This forward plan sets out the background and operating framework of the Dorset Historic Environment Record (HER) and summarises the strengths and weaknesses of the record as identified by the Historic England HER audit process in relation to national standards. It sets out a series of objectives and timetable of tasks with priorities to be undertaken. This process will develop the HER service’s efficiency, responsiveness and relevance to the needs of the community that it serves and in relation to national benchmarks.

Our vision

Our mission is to be the primary source of trusted information on Dorset’s historic environment. We want our Historic Environment Record to be actively maintained, managed for public benefit and as accurate and comprehensive as we can make it, to ensure the better understanding, enjoyment and protection of Dorset’s environment.

The aims of the HER:

  • to provide Dorset Council and Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council with comprehensive and up-to-date historic environment information to enable performance of their statutory duties and achievement of priorities identified in corporate plans.
  • to provide the Historic Environment Team with an information base to support expert advice given to local authority colleagues, developers, utilities, land managers, local residents and communities, and national bodies.
  • to provide improved access to information suitable for a wide range of users, with guidance and inspirational interpretation in various forms and at a variety of levels.
  • to increase opportunities for volunteering and active public engagement with the historic environment, and thereby strengthen links with the wider community and improve health and well-being
  • to increase awareness, understanding and enjoyment of the historic environment for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.


Background information

The Forward Plan

Senior Archaeologist, Promotion and Liaison

Name: Claire Pinder
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