The Purbeck Way West Route is an extension of the popular Purbeck Way.

The Purbeck Way West Route begins in West Lulworth on the Jurassic Coast and heads north west to Winfrith Newburgh, east to Coombe Keynes and then either back to West Lulworth or north east to East Stoke.

The Purbeck Way West Route
Start point: West Lulworth
Nearest postcode: BH20 5RY or grid ref: SY 825 807
End Points:
  • Coombe Keynes - nearest postcode: BH20 5QR

  • Winfrith Newburgh - nearest postcode: DT2 8JN

  • East Stoke - nearest postcode: BH20 6AW


The route travels from West Lulworth and Lulworth Cove, north west to Winfrith Newburgh, east to Coombe Keynes and then either south back to West Lulworth or north east to East Stoke to catch a connecting bus to Wareham. This route is signposted. The route is 11 ¾ miles (18.9km) in total, however the route can be split into shorter sections and can be walked in either direction:

  • West Lulworth to Winfrith Newburgh is 3 miles (4.8km) - approx 2 hours to walk

  • Winfrith Newburgh to Coombe Keynes is 2½ miles (4km) - approx 1.5 hours to walk

  • Coombe Keynes to West Lulworth is 3½ miles (5.6km) - approx 2 hours to walk

  • Coombe Keynes to East Stoke is 2¾ miles (4.5km) - approx 1.5 hours to walk

Route leaflet: Download the Purbeck Way West leaflet for free. For a copy of the leaflet in large print, please call 01929 557237.
Relevant Ordnance Survey map: Explorer Map No.OL15 (Purbeck and South Dorset).

Walking boots are recommended all year round - wellington boots are better in winter or after heavy rain.

Public transport:
  • The nearest railway stations are at Wareham (¾ miles or 1.2km from Wareham town centre) and Wool (5 miles or 8km from West Lulworth). Both stations are on the London Waterloo to Weymouth line.

  • Wareham can also be reached by boat from Poole.

  • Wareham is on bus routes 30, 40 and X54. West Lulworth is on bus routes 30, X54 and X55 (summer bus service) - download bus timetables.

  • To catch a connecting bus between East Stoke and Wareham, follow the sign to Stokefard Farm from the end of the walking route. Cross the railway line and at the road junction by the church, turn right. Walk for 500 metres, then cross the road to find the Middlefield Bus Stop. Catch the X54 in the direction of Wareham or Poole.

  • To catch a connecting bus between Wareham and East Stoke, catch the X54 from Wareham town centre to Stokeford Village Hall Bus Stop in the direction of Wool or Weymouth. At the bus stop, walk back towards the church, turn right into Church Lane and cross the railway line. Continue straight on to follow the walking route towards Coombe Keynes.

  • Traveline South West will help to plan your journey.


Long stay parking is available at Lulworth Cove or at Streche Road or Connegar Lane in Wareham.

Facilities and Refreshments:

West Lulworth and Wareham have a variety of cafes, pubs and restaurants. You can also find a pub at Winfrith Newburgh. Public toilets are found next to the Lulworth Cove Heritage Centre or at Wareham Quay.

Other things to do in the area:

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Extending the route:

The Purbeck Way and Purbeck Way West Route can be combined to explore the whole of south Purbeck using the South West Coast Path or Wareham to link the two routes. If you want to take your time to really explore the area, the walks can easily be split into shorter sections and accommodation can be found along the way. Altogether the walks can take between 3 and 10 days depending on how fast you walk and how much time you want to spend in each town or village.