How long you can use your land as a Temporary Recreational Campsite or ‘pop up’ camping site

From the 26 July 2023 the regulations for temporary recreational campsites or ‘pop up’ camping sites is changing with the introduction of new permitted development rights.

In summary, you can continue to use your land for up to 28 days as a campsite (tents only but no restriction on pitch numbers) without planning permission. This right applies until 25 July 2024. However, the new rights also allow you to use your land for up to 60 days in any calendar year as a campsite (tents campervans and motorhomes  only), for no more than 50 pitches. You must notify us in writing first. You may need a site licenceRead the advice note.

From 25 July 2024 all temporary camping sites operating under permitted development for up to 60 days per calendar year will be required to notify us in advance. 

If your site is within flood zones 2 and 3, you will need to submit an application for prior approval and receive confirmation of approval before using the land. This can take up to 56 days. 

All the rights are subject to limitations and conditions. Find out more by reading our:

Advice on nutrient neutrality

On 16 March 2022 Natural England gave us some new advice about nutrient neutrality near habitat sites. This means that developments and campsites in certain areas need to either: 

  • prove nutrient neutrality 
  • await formal clarification on our position on this issue 

The areas affected are: 

  • Poole Harbour for Nitrogen and Phosphorus nutrient deposition   
  • River Avon for Phosphorus nutrient deposition  
  • Chesil and The Fleet for Nitrogen and Phosphorus nutrient deposition 
  • River Axe for Phosphorus nutrient deposition

Find out more about nutrient neutrality and what this means to your development.

Contact planning

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