What we class as a street party

A street party is an event that:

  • is for people living in 1 or 2 cul-de-sacs or minor residential roads
  • is not advertised to the general public
  • usually has less than 150 people attending
  • has a very minimal impact on through traffic
  • does not affect any bus routes or services

If your event does not meet the criteria, see our information on large events.

Street parties on private property

If you don't want to close a road, you could always organise a Street Meet on private land. Pick a practical spot in the street to have a get-together on a driveway, parking area or front garden.

If you choose to have a Street Meet, make sure that:

  • residents and neighbours are happy with the arrangements
  • the location is safe
  • there are no risks to anyone's safety

Costs to you

It is free to apply for a temporary traffic restriction for a street party.

You might need to buy or hire signs and cones to safely block access to the section of closed road. 

Before you apply

Contact people and businesses affected by road closures

You must contact people who might be affected by temporary traffic restrictions for your street party. This could be residents of the street, businesses and local services. 

You need to include the completed engagement document when you apply for a road closure.

Download an engagement exercise document.

Not all stakeholders listed in the document will be affected by all restrictions. You can mark them as not applicable (n/a).

If you get any adverse comments about the road closure or restrictions, you will need to resolve these yourself.

Contact us if you'd like advice on engaging with stakeholders.

Check if other events are taking place in your area

Before you apply for a temporary traffic restriction for your street party, check our planned roadworks and events map to make sure there are no other events planned in your area.

If there are too many events at the same time, it can cause disruption and we may not be able to approve your application.

Check if you need other licences

You may need a temporary event notice (TEN) if you want to serve or sell alcohol, or provide food, drink or entertainment after 11pm.

You need to apply for any other licences separately, even if we agree to a temporary traffic restriction for your street party.

Consider safety and insurance

You could consider:

  • public liability insurance
  • a risk assessment

This is not something we require as part of your application, but we do recommend it.