Street parties to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

The closing date for applications was Thursday 21 April.

If you attempt to apply now, we cannot guarantee your application will be approved. We are reviewing over 110 applications - thank you if you applied.

If you have submitted an application and have any questions or require assistance, please contact us by email

If you don't want to close a road, you could always organise a "Street Meet". Pick a practical spot in the street to have a get-together on a driveway, parking area or front garden, as it is on private land. If you choose to have a Street Meet, please make sure that residents/neighbours are happy with the arrangements, the location is safe and there is no risks to anyone's safety.

Before you start considering closing a road for a street party

Please check our planned roadworks and events map to make sure there are no other activities planned in your area when you want to have your street party. If there are too many activities at the same time, this may cause disruption and we may not be able to approve your application for that date, if at all.

How we classify a street party

We classify a street party as an event that:

  • is not publicised for the general public so will not draw in people from a wider area
  • applies to the residents of one or two streets only and so attendance will generally involve fewer than 150 people
  • will only restrict use of minor residential roads, by this we mean:
    • a cul-de-sac
    • a road which, by its nature, only exists to serve the properties alongside it
  • will only have a very minimal impact on through traffic
  • does not impact a bus route/bus services

If the criteria above is not met, then please refer to our special event information, which caters for larger, more potentially disruptive events.

Optional considerations for street party organisers

Although not compulsory for an application, it is recommended that organisers of street parties consider having:

  • public liability insurance
  • a risk assessment
  • an illustration showing the extent of road closure and any suggested alternative routes

Costs to you

We do not charge for the legal process of authorising a road closure for a street party.

There may be costs incurred to you for hiring or purchasing the necessary signs and cones that are needed to safely and effectively block access to the section of closed road.

Engagement with stakeholders potentially affected by road closures

Organisers of a street party must engage with stakeholders that may be affected by a road closure or other restrictions, such as residents of the street and maybe even businesses.

Download an engagement exercise document.

You will need to attach the completed engagement document to your application.

We accept that not all stakeholders listed in the document will be affected by all restrictions, (in which case mark them not applicable (n/a)) but this exercise is important supporting evidence of an event organiser's consideration of the impact on all road users, and will support an application to close a road.

Should any adverse comments in relation to the traffic management proposals be received, these should be resolved by the event organiser.

Terms and conditions

Applicants or the nominated person in overall charge of the event:

  • must provide an emergency contact name and phone number that can be reached for the duration of the event and agree for these details to be used in line with the privacy notice
  • must consult and engage with those likely to be affected by any traffic restriction and use the engagement document, detailing those parties contacted and the feedback given (both positive and negative).
  • must organise the event in such a way that access for pedestrians and emergency/essential vehicles can be maintained
  • must arrange for a minimum of one road closed sign to be placed at each point where the road(s) are to be closed; please note:
    • we do not automatically supply these signs as part of the authorisation of a road closure for a street party
    • we do not have sufficient numbers of them to provide these free of charge
    • signs can be purchased or hired from the Dorset Highways Sign Shop or from most reputable traffic management companies
  • must erect the public notice that Dorset Council will issue at each end of the closure at least seven days prior to the street party
  • must ensure all equipment, materials and rubbish associated with the event is cleared. the road returned to the condition found before the event and the road reopened by the time the licence expires (this cannot wait until the following morning)
  • must ensure noise from the event is kept to acceptable levels at all times and to a minimum after 9pm

Apply for a road restriction for a street party

Minimum of six weeks notice is required. Please have your engagement document ready to attach. If you are applying for a Jubilee street party, the deadline has passed and if you apply now we cannot guarantee your application will be approved.

Use of personal data

Please read our privacy notice and more information about how we comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


See if you need a Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

Street parties in their own right do not require a licence but there are certain activities that require authorisation under the Licensing Act 2003. If we grant temporary traffic restriction it does not provide for, nor indicate, that any other licence for your event will be approved.

Traffic Team (events)

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