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Temporary traffic restrictions for special events on the highway

A special event is an event which is larger than a street party, such as a carnival or food festival.

Apply for a road restriction for a special event

You must apply at least 13 weeks before the event is due to take place

Guidance for event organisers

You should read the guidance for event organisers:

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Terms and conditions of approval


  1. by means of application, declare that the section(s) of highway need to be restricted in order to hold a public event which (a.) cannot suitably be held in any location other than the highway and (b.) cannot be held whilst maintaining normal traffic flow, safely
  2. must include a valid insurance certificate (where applicable) on application
  3. may incur a charge (as detailed on this website) for the processing of the application, and without payment in full, licence to restrict the highway may be withheld. *the final decision on the charge applied for the processing of any application will be determined by Dorset Council
  4. must have consulted and discussed the proposed restriction with those likely to be affected and have uploaded the consultation document detailing those parties contacted and the feedback given (both positive and negative)
  5. agree to provide and maintain all traffic signing, on the extent of restricted highway, including any agreed diversion routes for the duration of the event
  6. agree to provide and maintain advance notice of road closures on the extent of restricted highway. Normal expectations is for this advance notice to be made available two weeks in advance of the event
  7. are responsible for returning the highway to the condition that it was in prior to the holding of the event
  8. agree that Dorset Council, in it's capacity as Highway Authority, can, at any time, request amendments to proposed restrictions, withhold or revoke a previously agreed licence to restrict the highway
  9. understand the guidance notes provided and will adhere to all responsibilities/duties required by Dorset Council

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You need to consult with all stakeholders that would be affected by the restriction. Download a consultation exercise document.

The list of consultees should include:

All frontages on the road to be restricted, both residential and commercial must be individually informed in writing. Any substantial objections should be resolved by the applicant. Should an applicant be unable to resolve any disputes, who evidence that they have carried out appropriate consultation, then it is likely that the application will not be processed.

You'll need to provide an emergency contact name and phone number in your application which will be given to all complainants/enquirers as necessary.

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Use of personal data

We need to use an applicant’s contact details to fulfil our obligations in relation to Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders - (the legal documents required to lawfully restrict the use of the public highway).

At a minimum, the name and contact telephone number (but we may also use an email address) which is supplied in an application will be used in:

  • stakeholder consultation documents. Stakeholders include emergency services, bus operators, elected representatives, council services, offices of the Department for Transport and any other relevant parties
  • public notices. These are sent to stakeholders, are published on our roadworks map to be freely distributed and can be displayed on street
  • fulfilment of any customer enquiry or complaint as appropriate. We reserve the right to redirect enquiries and complaints from members of the public to event organisers
  • any other reasonable manner to allow us to meet our obligations

Your contact details will not be shared for commercial purposes.

When you apply, you'll be asked to agree to our fair use of your contact details. If you do not accept our use of contact details or require more information about their use, please email to discuss before you apply.

More information about how we comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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The charges vary depending on the scale and type of the event. The number of people involved refers to the total staff and estimated audience/visitor numbers.

There is no charge applied for road closures for services of Remembrance during the month of November.

Type of eventSmall scale event (less than 499 people)Minor scale event (500 to 999 people)Significant scale event (1000 to 4999 people)Major scale event (more than 5000 people)
Commercial profit making £200 £275 £350


Non-profit making £75 £140 £175 £225
Charitable or ceremonial £25 £75



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