View the Electoral Commission's guidance for candidates at parish council elections in England

Electoral Commission pre-election webinar for candidates and agents on 11 April 2024

The Electoral Commission is hosting a pre-election webinar for candidates and their agents taking part in local and parish elections in England on 2 May 2024.  The webinar will be held between 1pm and 2pm on 11 April 2024 and will provide essential information on the spending and donation rules, including:

  • when the spending rules apply
  • how much you can spend
  • notional spending rules
  • who you can accept donations from
  • what you need to report after the election in your spending return
  • guidance on harassment and intimidation at elections and when it goes too far

There will also be a chance to ask questions.  The webinar will take place using Microsoft Teams on Thursday 11 April 2024 at 1pm to 2pm.  Please complete the Commission’s form to confirm your attendance, and let them know if you have a specific question or topic you would like covered on the day.  If you cannot make the time and date, please still register to attend – all registered attendees will receive a copy of the slides and a copy of the Q&A from the day.

Nomination papers 

The nominations period has now closed. 

Candidate expenses

Read the Electoral Commission guidance for candidates at parish council elections in England on candidate spending and completing your candidate spending return (you can also download the spending return and declaration for completion)

Your completed spending return and declaration should be returned to Electoral Services (please note: we require paper copies).

Campaigning activity 

Guidance on campaigning at parish council elections in England is available from the Electoral Commission website

Find out about rooms for use by candidates during the pre-election period.

Please note: if you are unable to view any of the PDFs on this page, please contact us for a paper copy.

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