If you have a mental health issue or a health condition, you can get local NHS, charity or Dorset Council support. Find out how.

Get mental health support

If you have a mental health issue, you can help from the NHS community mental health teams in Dorset. They help people to manage conditions, get better and live their lives.

There is community mental health support: 

You need to see your doctor first.

In a mental health emergency, call the NHS on 111. You do not need to be known to any services.

Or drop-in to see a mental health professional in a Community Front Room. Find your nearest mental health drop-in.

Get support with dementia

Memory problems may or may not mean you have dementia. You can get your memory looked at by Dorset’s Memory Assessment Service. Call on 0300 303 5342.

If they find you have dementia, they will give you a plan of care. This could include advice on what support will help, like therapy to keep your mind stimulated.

Age UK offer cognitive stimulation therapy for mild to moderate dementia. Call on 01202 530 530 or email CST@ageukbped.org.uk.

Get support with Asperger’s or Autism

If you are an adult with a diagnosis of an autism spectrum condition, you can get help.

You can get help with coping skills and advice on getting any extra support from the Community Adult Asperger’s Service.

Call the Community Adult Asperger’s Service on 01202 605 875.

Get support with dyslexia 

If you are an adult with dyslexia, you can get help.

Get the details of the Dorset Dyslexia Association based in Wimborne and contact them to ask about the support available. The British Dyslexia Association has a national helpline, call on 08452 519002.

Get support with a health condition

If you have had a diagnosis of a serious condition, you can get support.

There is specialist support for managing with different conditions and chronic pain in Dorset. This includes support with the impact on your mental health.

Your doctor can advise you on how to get support locally.

You can also:

Get support for sight and hearing issues

If you have an issue with your sight or hearing, you can get help.

Find out what you need to stay safe and independent at our Millbrook Healthcare – Sight and Hearing centre. Call on 033 300 300 10 or email sightandhearing@millbrookhealthcare.co.uk.

You can also find out what equipment and devices could help you at a sight and hearing centre near you.

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