Sing With Dorset Music Hub

Sing with Dorset Music Hub is the next stage in the development of our singing strategy for Dorset schools.

We want to engage with all our school communities to develop a robust and vibrant singing culture - one that enhances singing, supports pupils wellbeing and personal development and builds school staff confidence.  Sing with Dorset Music Hub will support schools to develop a culture of singing excellence that's shared and celebrated within and between schools.

Through Sing with Dorset Music Hub we aim to support schools and their students on a journey to develop singing and general musicianship set within their context.

All Dorset Music Hub Membership Schools receive a copy of the Sing Up's 'Singing School Handbook' as a resource to help schools address their singing development agenda.

We invite school pyramids who are ready to do so to take ownership of delivering on the singing strategy for their area, to meet their own needs.  There have been many successful collaborations where communities of schools have worked together on fantastic celebrations of singing.

Schools in other pyramids, with less established partnerships, can receive provision support from a Dorset Music Hub Singing Leader, participate in locality-based partnership projects and take up additional CPD opportunities to support the development of singing in school.

We want every school to be a singing school and want to work with all school colleagues to be great role models and to enjoy the pleasure, as well as musical learning, that singing can bring to a school.  

For further information and to find out how you can SING with Dorset Music Hub please email us.