If you are likely to suffer hardship because we restrict your Housing Benefit (or you are in receipt Housing Element within Universal Credit), then you can apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment.

The Discretionary Housing Payment fund is a cash limited budget. If you make an application for a Discretionary Housing Payment and it meets the criteria, your claim will be considered on its merits and all customers will be treated equally and fairly. We can't exceed the budget and therefore may not be able to help in every case.

The Discretionary Housing Payment scheme is designed to give financial support in the short-term to give you time to sort out your financial or housing circumstances, particularly if you are trying to find alternative affordable accommodation. It is not intended to be a long-term solution to replace entitlement restrictions set out within the Housing Benefit legislation (or Universal Credit).
Where there are exceptional circumstances, we may consider giving a longer award, for example to someone who lives in significantly adapted accommodation in the social rented sector and is subject to a reduction for under-occupancy.

See our Discretionary Housing Payment Scheme policy for further information.