Child performance licence application process

The application for a Performance Licence must be completed by the person responsible for the production prior to it taking place. Please can applications be submitted 21 days prior to the day on which the first performance or activity is due to take place.

The Licence, when issued, must be held at the performance venue in case of an inspection.

To apply for a Performance Licence, you will need:

  • details of the production
  • a passport sized photo
  • a copy of the child's birth certificate or valid passport
  • a letter from the school authorising time off school, if needed
  • a copy of the child protection policy or safeguarding policy
  • a copy of the risk assessment for the child's activities

You will need a medical certificate, valid for 6 months from date of issue, if a child is taking part in a:

  • broadcast performance (TV or radio) that lasts more than a week and the child performs on 6 days during that week (5 days for sound broadcasting)
  • sporting activity or modelling

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An Exemption may apply when all the following conditions apply:

  • no payment is being made in respect of the child taking part in the performance to the child or another person, other than expenses
  • the child has not have performed for more than 3 days in the last 6 month period
  • the child does not need time away from school

Exemptions do not currently require Licensed Chaperones, but we would expect the adults used as chaperones to be enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked.

If all the children in the production meet these criteria, please complete the exemption form and email to us, along with a copy of your child safeguarding policy and your risk assessment.

Body of Persons Approved (BOPA) application process

A BOPA allows groups and organisations to have one Licence for all the children involved in a performance. It can be applied for if the performance would usually fall under the child performance regulations, providing that the children taking part will not miss any school for performances or rehearsals and will not be paid.

The decision whether to issue a BOPA is at the discretion of the Local Authority. A BOPA will only be issued if the Local Authority is satisfied that the group has adequate Licenced Chaperones and rigorous safeguarding policies and practices in place.

It is the responsibility of the organiser to apply for a BOPA from the Local Authority where the performance is due to take place. Once issued, it is the organisers responsibility to ensure that any Local Authorities where the children live know of the performance and receive a copy of the BOPA.

A BOPA does not authorise absence from school for any children involved in the performances.

Before submitting an application for a BOPA please check your eligibility:

  • some or all the children have performed on 4 days or more in the last 6 months (This could be a mixture of exempt children and children who have)
  • none of the children require school absence
  • none of the children are being paid for the performance
  • the performance is not being broadcast live or being recorded (by whatever means) for use in a later broadcast or web upload of any means or intended for public exhibition

To apply for a BOPA please complete all three BOPA forms below and email to us, along with a copy of your child safeguarding policy and your risk assessment.

Body of persons contract form

Body of persons application form

Body of persons group participants form 

Processing time

We aim to process any applications within 21 days. Please allow extra time during busy periods.

Children performing abroad

If a child is performing abroad, a Licence cannot be granted by the Local Authority. An application for a Licence must be made to the Magistrate’s Court where the child lives.