The UK’s telephone network is changing 

Between now and 2025 most telephone providers will be moving their customers from old analogue landlines over to digital technology.

This means services that rely on the old landline system such as home phones and healthcare devices will be switched over.

How it will affect you and what do you need to do

Your telecoms provider should contact you before the switchover to discuss what you need to do to make sure your service isn’t affected.

If you have an internet connection, the change may be as simple as plugging your phone into your broadband router rather than the socket on the wall.

Anyone who depends on their landline or uses a telecare device connected to a phone line (such as a fall monitor, lifeline, or personal alarm), should contact their provider for advice on how the switch could affect them.

And if you have other devices connected to your phone line, such as alarm systems, you might need to upgrade your device to make sure it is compatible.

If you are unsure about how a device in your home or business might be affected, contact the equipment supplier or device manufacturer for more advice.

If you do not have broadband

If you don’t have broadband, some providers will offer the option to use a simple internet connection just for making calls. Contact your telephone provider for more information.

In an emergency

Digital landlines will not work during a power cut. If you have no other means of calling the emergency services, your telecoms provider should offer a solution. Make sure your telephone provider is aware if this applies to you.

Look out for further information and be aware of scams

Your telephone supplier will contact you before they move you to a digital service, make sure you look out for their communications, which could be by post or email. Your supplier will also provide you with any new equipment you may need to switch over.

The digital switch over will not require you to pay for a new service. Be wary of any unsolicited emails or phone calls which ask for personal details or any kind of payment. If in doubt, hang up on phone calls and do not click on any links.

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