Here in Dorset, transport alone is responsible for an estimated 765 kilotons of CO₂e each year, making it the single biggest contributor to our county’s footprint.

Below are some of the things we are doing to change this.

Investing in sustainable transport

Using funds awarded from the government's Transforming Cities Fund (TCF), we have been working with BCP Council to invest in sustainable transport across the South East Dorset region.  Find out what work is being carried out here.

Increasing the number of electric vehicle charging points in Dorset

To support the move to electric vehicles (EV), we have been working with external partners to increase the provision of electric vehicle charging points here in Dorset. Read more about this work and the current charge point network here.

Reducing the environmental impact of our highways

We’ve become one of the first councils in the UK to swap to a more environmentally friendly, low-energy asphalt for road surfacing. 

We’ve also installed the UK’s first all-electric asphalt storage hotbox at our depot in Charminster and introduced new recycling processes in our highway maintenance projects.

Replacing our fleet with electric vehicles

To reduce emissions from council travel, we are carrying out a staged programme to replace our existing fleet with electric or the best possible alternatives.

Read more about the progress we are making in our most recent progress report.

Engine emissions reduction

Our Highways team has over 140 vehicles which have been fitted with a telematic system. In two years, this led to a 40% improvement in driver behaviour, increasing from 24 to 31 mpg. Preventing over 200 tonnes of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere and saving over 28,000 litres of fuel. 

The Local Transport Plan 

Local Transport Plans are statutory documents which set our approach to management, maintenance, and development of the area's transport system. 

Our last plan was produced in 2011 and covered the whole of Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset.   

Since then, a great deal has changed, not the least the impact of climate change. 

We are now working with BCP Council on a new plan that will set out the long-term vision for moving around Dorset safely and sustainably.  

In the coming months we will be asking for your help to shape our vision. 

Bus Service Improvement Plan 

In response to the government’s national bus strategy – Bus Back Better, we have developed a Bus Service Improvement Plan which sets out our ambition to improve buses and the plans and policies that will deliver a transformation across the Dorset Council area.   

This ambitious plan focuses on: 

  • revitalising the local bus network 
  • halting, and reversing the decline in local bus passenger use 
  • meeting the aspirations set out by the public and key stakeholders  
  • marking Dorset as a centre of excellence for rural transport provision 

Sustainable travel initiatives

Dorset Council has a Carshare scheme for employees, encourages remote working where possible and continues to develop its teleconferencing opportunities to reduce unnecessary journeys. Active Travel, carbon reduction and sustainable development location are incorporated into our Local Transport Plan. We also maintain hundreds of cycling and walking routes across the county. Find out more about Dorset’s Travel services and routes.