How many positive moments does it take to balance each negative moment?

The magic ratio: for parents

Even the happiest couples have negative moments. We snap and criticise. We shout and blame.
What would it take to balance these out? Relationship experts tell us that for every one negative moment you need 5 positive moments.

Start balancing your negative moments

So for each time you have one negative moment with your partner:
  • criticising
  • name-calling
  • shouting
  • trying to win
  • sneering
  • being defensive
  • blaming
  • using sarcasm
  • talking over each other 
You need to have 5 positive moments of things like:
  • laughing together
  • listening
  • hugging
  • supporting each other
  • being grateful
  • sharing
  • giving thoughtful gifts
  • chatting
  • showing interest

Use the magic ratio

Now to start practising with the magic ratio:

Think about your relationship.

What positive things could you do for each other?

What can you do to show that you care?