Parenting involves lots of decisions and will change over time depending on your child’s age and development. If you don’t live with the other parent this can make it harder to have these conversations and parent together.

These conversations may not happen or when they do, they can become tense or argumentative. It can be difficult to know how to move forward.

Sometimes children feel a responsibility to each parent to help them to communicate or worry about their feelings. Parenting together can be challenging to make sure it focuses on your children.

Getting it Right for Children digital programme

When parents are separating or separated, children can often get caught in the middle. Learn how to manage conflict to minimise the impact it has on your children, as well as:

  • how to stop a discussion from turning into an argument
  • how to stay calm and listen as well as talk
  • learning skills for finding solutions and making compromises

Find out how to access the Getting it Right for Children digital programme with your login details.

Separating better mobile app

If you are a parent going through separation, Separating better is a brand new mobile app, which can help guide you:
  • through the separation process
  • find effective ways of co parenting
  • sort out disagreements
all with the wellbeing of your child in mind.

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