Booking procedure


Bookings taken from 7.00am for Gold Card members, 9.00am for Diamond Discount Card members and 9.15am for Standard users (payment required at time of booking)

Main hall, badminton courts, tennis courts, astro pitch, squash courts, table tennis, sauna, exercise classes, cricket nets and (outside, in season) - up to 1 week in advance.


Refer to current web page for bookings


Clubs wishing to book facilities more than 1 week in advance must complete an application for hire form (available from the Centre or online). Full details including the possibility of VAT exemption is included on the form. 

Cancellation policy

Squash, badminton, tennis courts, astro pitch, table tennis, sauna, swimming and exercise classes

If the court, pitch, exercise class place is cancelled and then subsequently re-let, or there are other courts/pitches/places available at the same time, there will be no charge levied.

If the bookee fails to turn up or the court/pitch, class/place is not re-let, the full charge will be payable. 

An administration charge will also be payable for Diamond Card holders and non-members who fail to turn up.

Whole hall bookings

If a booking of the whole of the Main Hall is cancelled, every effort will be made to re-let as much of the booking as possible. A charge will be made for all courts not re-let.

Club bookings

Any cancellations of a club booking must be put in writing, even if the cancellation is on the same day. If it is not in writing, the club will definitely be charged. If it is put in writing prior to the booking, a decision will be made by the Operations Manager. For guidance, cancellations made within a week will normally be charged for. Cancelled matches on outdoor pitches may be treated differently - the Operations Manager will decide.

Course bookings

If the course place is cancelled and then re-let a full refund will be given.

If the course place is cancelled and then not relet the full charge will be payable. 

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