The government's National Bus Strategy – Bus Back Better sets out the vision and opportunity to deliver better bus services for passengers across England.

In response, we are developing a Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) to make bus services:

  • more attractive
  • cheaper
  • easier to use
  • faster
  • more reliable
  • greener

Read the 2021 Bus Service Improvement Plan.

The BSIP will be updated annually. 

We will deliver the BSIP through an Enhanced Partnership, which means we will work more closely with local bus operators to improve services. The Enhanced Partnership will be delivered by April 2022. 

How you can help 

We want to hear from people who already use buses and those who don't, to understand why.

We also want to hear from public, private and voluntary organisations who have an interest in making our bus services work better. 

Email your comments, suggestions and ideas to or write to us: c/o Transport Planning, County Hall, Colliton Park, Dorchester, DT1 1XJ.

What’s happened so far 

We are engaging with elected members, town and parish councils, neighbouring Local Authorities, special interest groups and transport operators. 

public survey was launched at the beginning of August. Further engagement work is planned ahead of publishing the first BSIP and starting the Enhanced Partnership.

The key milestones are: 

  • June 2021 – we published Notice of Intent to proceed with the development of an Enhanced Partnership 
  • October 2021 – publish first Bus Service Improvement Plan  
  • November 2021 – Enhanced Partnership Statutory consultation 
  • April 2022 – activate Enhanced Partnership  

View the latest news on the Bus Service Improvement Plan.

How the BSIP supports Dorset Council's plan

Bus service improvements support our Local Transport Plan policies and the Climate & Ecological Emergency Action Plan, helping to tackle the climate and ecological emergency as well as reducing traffic congestion and improving accessibility for residents and visitors.  

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