Road markings and traffic signs are produced and installed to national standards with which Dorset Council complies. Any sign erected and placed within the boundary of the highway without consent is an unauthorised sign and could be removed.

We have a policy to only install signing to a limit needed for safety as using too many signs tends to clutter the highway.

Report a problem with road signs and markings

You can report a twisted, dirty or missing sign as well as worn road markings. You'll need to know the location of the problem.


Many local businesses use A-boards to advertise their goods and services. Dorset Council supports the local economy by helping businesses achieve this through the use of A-boards.

Our A-boards policy and conditions ensures a consistent approach across the county.

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Access protection markings

These are single white lines painted on the tarmac in front of dropped kerbs, commonly at driveways and crossing points. Residents and businesses can request access protection markings.

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Brown tourism signs

Businesses can apply for and request brown tourism signs that comply with our policy and requirements.

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Community signs

Communities and public services can apply for and request community signs that comply with our policy and requirements.

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Roundabout sponsorship

Advertising opportunities are available on roundabouts as part of a sponsorship programme.

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Street name signs

Requests for street name signs to accompany new developments should be directed to area offices.

Report a damaged or missing street name sign

You'll need to tell us the location of the sign. We are currently dealing with many requests and will attend to them but please be patient whilst we action your enquiry.

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Temporary event direction signs

These signs can be used for events which:

  • take place for no more than seven consecutive days
  • are expected to attract more than 500 people per day

Signs placed on the highway should comply with our policy and guidance.

To obtain permission to place these signs, please email

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Traffic safety mirrors

Dorset Council do not approve mirrors on the highway.

It is the responsibility of the land/property owner to ensure good visibility from their private access onto the public highway. After all reasonable alternative works have been carried out to improve visibility, such as cutting back vegetation, then placing a visibility or safety mirror on private land is an option with the permission of the land owner.

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Unauthorised signs

Unauthorised signs are not permitted on the highway and can be removed without notice by Dorset Council and stored; incurring a charge of £1.00 per day.

Our policy sets out the circumstances for when these signs will be removed.

Report an unauthorised sign

You will need to specify the location of the sign