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Dorset Highways management and performance

Find information on the council's strategic approach to managing its highways infrastructure.

Dorset Highways is responsible for a significant amount of infrastructure including; carriageways, footpaths, cycleways, traffic signals, signs, street lighting, safety fences, verges, bridges and public rights of way. 

Dorset Highways asset management plan (HAMP)

The Highways Asset Management Plan (HAMP) outlines the strategic approach to maintaining the infrastructure that Dorset Highways is responsible for.

This document provides an introduction to asset management, and our policy and strategy document details our approach for implementing and embedding asset management throughout Dorset Highways.

Asset specific documents examine each of Dorset's asset groups in detail. This includes information about the collecting and recording of asset condition and details individual maintenance strategies used for the different highway assets:  

In 2018/19 the Department for Transport awarded an additional £6.165m to the council for maintenance of highway assets. This funding has been used to carry out extra road repairs, as well as repairing Wool bridge. For more information visit our newsroom.

The highways service forward programme of capital works for 2019/20 has been approved.

Highway Maintenance Plan

The Highway Maintenance Plan is a supporting document to the HAMP and outlines the current approach to maintaining our highway assets. It defines service levels for activities across the service.

The plan typically documents the revenue maintenance activities, which includes reactive responses (ie to potholes, flooding, emergencies) and cyclic activities (planned gully emptying).

Dorset Highways Service Plan

Our service plan outlines our key objectives for the coming year, and reviews what has been achieved in the past 12 months.

Using staff and stakeholder input, and the analysis of service related feedback and data, the following have been identified as the key service objectives for 2018/19 financial year:

  • implement a staff well-being and support strategy
  • support business delivery through improved ICT
  • maintain the highway network in a suitable condition
  • deliver the highway service within allocated budget
  • minimise the number of killed or seriously injured incidents on the highway network
  • deliver Directorate Forward Together efficiency savings targets
  • maximise central government maintenance funding
  • contribute to Local Government Review (LGR) process
  • ensure approach to delivering CDM regulations is fully compliant
  • introduction of the new “Well Managed Highways Infrastructure” Code of Practice
  • formalise Collaborative Working Arrangements

Dorset Highways Performance

Performance across all aspects of the service is monitored and reported throughout the year.

Our performance framework outlines how we will be measuring the delivery of the highways service. Key reporting tools include:

Key service objectives

Progress against the key objectives outlined in the service plan are reported throughout the year to elected members and the Dorset Highways Management Team. There were 13 key service objectives set within the 2017/18/ service plan. In the current service plan you can read a small review of how we performed against our 2017/18 objectives, as well as see the 11 key objectives set for 2018/19.

Dorset Highways Top 12

Each quarter, Dorset Highways reviews its performance and circulates the Top 12 report to employees, elected members and parish & town councils.

Performance reports

A comprehensive performance report, covering all aspects of the service, is sent to senior management and councillors on a six monthly basis. 

Customer surveys

Several surveys are carried out during the year to look at customer satisfaction. Participation in the National Highways & Transport (NHT) survey to residents allows benchmarking against other authorities, while surveys to councillors and internal staff are administered in-house.

Dorset Highways communications strategy

Our communications strategy outlines our commitment to engaging with our residents and keeping them informed about how we are managing the condition of our highway network.

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