Find information on the council's strategic approach to managing its highways infrastructure.

Dorset Highways is responsible for a significant amount of infrastructure including; carriageways, footpaths, cycleways, traffic signals, signs, street lighting, safety fences, verges, bridges and public rights of way. 

Dorset Highways asset management plan (HAMP)

The Highways Asset Management Plan (HAMP) outlines the strategic approach to maintaining the infrastructure that Dorset Highways is responsible for.

This document provides an introduction to asset management, and our policy and strategy document details our approach for implementing and embedding asset management throughout Dorset Highways.

Asset specific documents examine each of Dorset's asset groups in detail. This includes information about the collecting and recording of asset condition and details individual maintenance strategies used for the different highway assets:  

Due to the formation of the new Dorset Council these documents will be reviewed in the near future. In the meantime, the highways service will continue to work to these adopted policies.

Highway Maintenance Plan

The Highway Maintenance Plan is a supporting document to the HAMP and outlines the current approach to maintaining our highway assets. It defines service levels for activities across the service.

The plan typically documents the revenue maintenance activities, which includes reactive responses (ie to potholes, flooding, emergencies) and cyclic activities (planned gully emptying).

The highways service is still working to this plan, however, due to the formation of the new Dorset Council it will be reviewed in the near future. 

Dorset Highways Service Plan

Dorset Highways Service Plan 2021/22. Moving Dorset Ahead: healthy - connected - sustainable

Dorset Highways Performance

Performance across all aspects of the service is monitored and reported throughout the year. Our performance framework outlines how we measure the delivery of the highways service. 

Dorset Highways communications strategy

Our communications strategy outlines our commitment to engaging with our residents and keeping them informed about how we are managing the condition of our highway network.

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