You need a licence to place temporary signals on the highway - which includes stop and go boards.

Traffic management drawings

You must provide traffic management drawings when there are proposals that:

  1. multi-way temporary light signals will be used (3 or more phases)
  2. works at or within 100 metres of permanent signals

Usual expectations for drawings are:

  • OS drawing with licence number
  • at an appropriate scale with the scale clearly displayed
  • location of where the signal heads are going to be placed
  • the location and extent of the work zone

Impact on permanent signals

Permanent signals may be impacted directly or indirectly by activities that take place within 100 metres of them and so promoters must discuss any potential impact with Dorset Highways at the earliest opportunity. Please do not assume that traffic management can be placed in the vicinity of signals without express approval.

There may a requirement for the permanent signals to be replicated within a temporary traffic management set up.

An activity promoter must not under any circumstances deliberately cut power, switch off or bag up permanent signals themselves. In the event of a loss of power to permanent signals through an unforeseen fault or accident, report it to Dorset Highways immediately.

Bagging of permanent traffic signals

This service is provided by Siemens on behalf of Dorset Council, through a separate application process.

Signal detection loops

Damage incurred to traffic signal detection loops in the carriageway may also be chargeable. These loops should not be cut by excavations without prior agreement.

Apply for a licence

Please ensure you complete the correct application dependant on the type of works you're wishing to undertake.

Apply for temporary signals for private works

You need to have one of the following in place before applying for this licence:

Apply for signals for private works

Apply for temporary traffic signals for streetworks

This application is for works being carried out for or by:

  • utility companies
  • transport authorities (network rail)

Download application for streetworks

Report a problem

Contact us to report a problem with temporary traffic lights.

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