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A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) or Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice (TTRN) is made when it is necessary to temporarily stop or limit vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic along the highway, including roads and rights of way, to facilitate

  • planned works and activities
  • urgent or emergency situations that are unforeseen
  • essential works including highway maintenance and improvements
  • utility works
  • works adjacent to the highway, including new developments

Organisers of events on the highway are required to follow a separate process.

Whilst not an exhaustive list, TTROs can be made for the following:

  • road closures
  • waiting restrictions/parking suspensions
  • weight restrictions
  • banned turns
  • one-way systems
  • speed limits

If you need to close a private or unadopted road, you will need to contact the land owner(s) to get their consent. We would not authorise a TTRO for private land.

Closures of footways (pavements) running adjacent to the road can be authorised by a road space booking.

Lead times and charges

Works promoters can benefit from reduced fees by:

  • giving us as much notice as possible (except for emergency or urgent works)
  • keeping the durations of the restriction to a minimum

The minimum standard notice period for any TTRO for planned works is 12 weeks, emergency or urgent works aside. A shorter notice period (early start) may be agreeable with Dorset Highways for planned activities, subject to:

  • the duration of the restriction
  • the road space being available
  • the amount of administration required to fulfill the application
TTRO licence charges
Proposed duration of restriction Urgency of work or activity Notice period given and where conditions are met Charge
Six days or more (TTRO) Planned
  • minimum 12 weeks' notice (standard)
  • no other conflicting works, events or activities
Six days or more (TTRO) Planned
  • less than 12 weeks' notice
  • no other conflicting works, events or activities
Up to five days (TTRN) Planned
  • minimum 12 weeks' notice (standard)
  • no other conflicting works, events or activities
Up to five days (TTRN)


  • less than 12 weeks' notice
  • no other conflicting works, events or activities
Up to 21 days (TTRN)


Not applicable

Up to 24 hours


Not applicable


Extension to or cancellation of TTRO/TTRN

In the case of cancellation, additional costs may be incurred such as advertising costs, but this is dependant on how far an application has progressed.

Not applicable

Not applicable £200

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Conditions of approval

  1. this form together with a copy of the traffic management plan showing the section of road, footpath or bridleway affected, along with diversion route (if applicable) must be submitted to Dorset Council (the highway authority or hereafter referred to as the "Authority") at least 13 weeks before the start date of the restriction (unless lesser notice is otherwise agreed by the Authority at its discretion)
  2. where required, signed diversion routes shall use only an equivalent (or above) classification of highway to the one being restricted, unless otherwise agreed with the Authority
    2a. Should the Authority, at its discretion, agree to the use of a highway at a lower classification for a signed diversion, the applicant shall indemnify the Authority for the highway in respect of any costs reasonably incurred by them relating to strengthening works or making good any damage occurring as a result of the diverted traffic
  3. the works promoter hereby request the Authority to make an Order to prohibit/restrict the use by vehicles, for a temporary period, of that part of the road as described which is affected by works which it is proposed to carry out, and to pay all costs of making the Order, including the posting of Notices on site (if required) and advertising of the Order in the local press (if required)
    3a. If the works and/or subsequent prohibitions are cancelled, relevant charges will still apply for the costs already incurred to the Authority
  4. the works promoter hereby indemnify the Authority against all claims however arising, which may be made against them by reason of making an Order and to defray all costs incurred as a result of such claims being made
  5. the works promoter agrees to provide, erect, maintain, and remove all temporary safety measures including all signs, lighting etc. required to protect the public and property at the site of the works and on the diversionary route, (if required), for the duration of the closure to the satisfaction of the Authority and to defray all costs incurred in the event of failure to do so
  6. the works promoter will inform all interested parties known to be affected by the proposed restriction, in advance, including personally notifying all frontagers on the length of highway concerned and ensure that acceptable alternative means of access to properties have been arranged and will be maintained through the duration of the restriction (if appropriate)
    6a. means of notification must also comprise advance publicity of the prohibition to the general local traffic affected the prohibition, through, but not necessarily limited to, the provision of advance warning temporary traffic signs placed on site two weeks prior to the prohibition coming in to force - unless otherwise agreed with the Authority
  7. an applicant's personal data and contact details may be used to meet the Authority's minimum obligations as described in the privacy notice
  8. the council reserves the right to revoke the licence, approval and/or any made TTRO at any time, and without notice, should any conditions not be adhered to or in the event of any unforeseen circumstances which risk damage to the highway, safety to the public, road users or road network management 
  9. any other case-by-case condition incurred on the applicant as specified by the council

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Use of personal data

Please read our privacy notice and more information about how we comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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