Tourism signs (also known as brown signs,) have the purpose of directing drivers to an attraction or facility along the most appropriate route. This can not be undertaken as a business advertising exercise.

Dorset Council manage brown tourism signs on all public roads in Dorset; except for trunk roads. If the signs you wish to apply for are to be placed on a trunk road, please see the Highways England website

Fees and charges

  • stage 1: application - £285
  • stage 2: supply of signs - at cost + 10% for administration
  • stage 3: ongoing maintenance - all future maintenance costs will be met by the applicant. Quote to be provided on request to the highways sign shop

Details of how to arrange payment are indicated on the application form.

Apply for brown tourism signs

Read through the following documents to understand more about the application process and check your business meets our criteria. You'll need to refer to this information when completing an application:

Complete all relevant parts of the application form:

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