We give information about:

  • highways and rights of way for the CON29R Form (part of the property conveyancing process)
  • common land & village greens for the CON29O Form

We also give information about:

  • road status
  • highways that are maintained at public expense
  • land to be acquired by us to carry out road works
  • nearby road schemes
  • nearby railway schemes
  • traffic schemes
  • outstanding legal notices relating to change to the highway
  • compulsory purchase of land to be used as highway

To make sure the service we provide is always accurate, we also maintain the:

  • highways map
  • statutory List of Streets
  • provisional maps of common land and village greens

We are also in charge of:

  • issuing formal road adoption
  • re-classification notices (e.g. changing the class of a road from A to B)
  • stopping up of highway under the Highways Act 1980

Statutory registers and public documents

All registers and documents can be viewed for free in their standard format by visiting us. 

To view them you will need to book an appointment. Our offices are open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 12 noon and 2pm to 3.30pm.

Contact the Highway Searches Team by email, in writing or in person to book an appointment.

Full searches

A standard search is based on one road per search and costs £35 + VAT.

This may be higher if the search request is for a larger area. Please email us for a quote.

What we need from you

To process your search, we need:

  • your search request
  • a plan clearly showing the area to be searched
  • payment

How to get personal search information emailed to you:

Paying by card

Call the finance team. Give them the property address shown on your letter or email and any reference numbers.

Paying by cheque

You can submit your payment via cheque. Cheques should be made payable to Dorset Council and sent to the Highways Searches Team.

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