North Dorset area car parking permits allow you to park your vehicle in a designated car park whenever required for as long a period as necessary.

There are restrictions on the number of permits per car park. Permits are not transferable between vehicles or car parks.

Details shown on permits are: designated car park, registration number(s) (maximum of 2) and expiry date. It is possible for businesses to have their business name in place of the registration number.

Car parks and permit cost

North Dorset area permit costs
Permit type 6 month permit
Angel Lane, Shaftesbury £125
Bell Street, Shaftesbury £125
Chantry Fields car park, Gillingham £95
Eagle House Gardens, Blandford Forum £125
Gas Lane, Gillingham £95
High Street, Gillingham £95
Langton Road, Blandford Forum £95
Marsh and Ham, Blandford Forum £125
Station Court, Blandford Forum £95
Station Road, Sturminster Newton £125

Apply for or renew a parking permit

After you apply, we will contact you to arrange payment for the permit. Once payment has been received, the permit will posted to you and will usually arrive in 2-3 working days.

On-street residents permits

View the areas covered and apply for a residents parking permit.

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